we heard you - and now dylan panties are in an all-new fabric

When our first panti dropped we got lots of feedback! You loved the shape and feel of LOVE ON TOP, but the material wasn’t compressive enough for you.

 We heard you and went searching for a fabric that would give you what you need—breathability and comfort with just the right amount of compression.  After an intense hunt, we found NanoStitch by Belgian company Liabaert. We knew this was the perfect fabric for our new line of panties because it uses unique micro threads that make the fabric as light as air while stretching in four ways to follow your every move.

 We also love this fabric for its tech benefits. Not only is NanoStitch breathable, moisture wicking, and fast drying, it has cooling technology that increases ventilation. This, paired with its antibacterial and odor control properties, makes it an amazing choice for workouts, especially in our DRNK IN LOVE cheeky bikini.

 NanoStitch will be replacing our previous fabric for our LOVE ON TOP high-waisted thong, and will also be featured in our upcoming CRZY IN LOVE G-String.

Dylan was created to make shopping for underwear easy and we want to uphold our promise of making you feel sexy and comfortable. That’s why we took your feedback to heart and made the changes we needed to. We will continue to value every little thought, feedback, and comment, so please let us know how we’re doing!



Read about the dylan difference here>>>


Written with love by Kristen Koester-Smith of, providing copywriting and storytelling for brands of integrity. 

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