say farewell to the panty faux pas- wearing the right underwear for every outfit

The base of every perfect outfit is the panti. Whether you’re kicking it with full butt coverage, dental floss, or sans, consideration needs to be made, lest you make a panty faux pas.

We’ve rounded up four tips for wearing the right panti at the right time.

1. when wearing high waisted bottoms

We love our high waisted shorts, jeans, pants…basically high waisted anything. But when rocking this look, the wrong underwear can give you hip dips (line across the hips from a low cut thong), panty lines across the butt, or a visible crease across the low belly.

A high waisted thong will solve all your problems by giving you the extra support in the front and leaving your hips and bum free to be. Our LOVE ON TOP High Waisted Thong can do it for you.


2. when wearing bodycon dresses

To Commando or not to commando in a bodycon???

If you’re brave enough to risk an early 2000’s Paris Hilton peek-a-boo faux pas, then go commando! BUT if you’re not so daring, go for shapewear or spanx. This will hold everything in, giving you comfort and confidence. The longer the hem, the less you’ll have to worry about visible panty lines. Our LOVE HAPPEE High Waisted Compression Short has got you!

3. when working out

What is the best panty to wear when getting fit and keeping things right and tight?


The tighter the underwear, the more likely it is to trap moisture, bacteria, and sweat, which can lead to infection. Avoid lace and other synthetic materials, especially in the pouch area. Any panty that has fast dry or moisture-wicking technology will prevent any discomfort and bacteria build-up.

Dylan underwear is made with two pouch liners: one with 100% organic cotton to keep things breathable and another with moisture-wicking tech to keep things nice and dry.

4. when going to bed

Most gynecologists recommend sleeping sans panties to allow our vaginas to breathe. If going bare under there doesn’t suit your fancies, wear cotton. Cotton is our best friend! Each dylan underwear panti has a 100% organic cotton pouch to give our vaginas the breath of air they need. We recommend our DRNK IN LOVE for sleeps.

Now you know how to never panty faux pas again, go out there and liiiiive.

Written with love by Kristen Koester-Smith of, providing copywriting and storytelling for brands of integrity. 

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