dylan is different- the perks and perfect times of dylan underwear

At dylan underwear, we believe that comfort is sexy, simplicity is key, and health is priority. Underwear should be effortless and reliable. When you reach into your underwear drawer, we want you to pick dylan underwear as a no-brainer, because you know they will give you what you need, no matter what you need. 

So how is dylan meeting those needs?

comfort is sexy- dylan is both

So many times we have to choose--the comfy "period day" underwear that we've had for seven years or the sexy lace that itches like a mf. Dylan underwear is designed to be both comfortable and sexy, which is the sexiest thing of all. Everyone loves people who are comfortable in their own skin and with dylan you can be confident as can be.

What makes dylan so good: 

  • Seamless. Each cut is made seamless, which means your panti will stay hidden until you want to show them off!
  • Poly-Spandex Blend. The material of our undies will stretch to fit your curves and won't give you unwanted dips or irritation on your skin, all while forever keeping its shape! Yay for no #saggybutt
  • Shapes. For days. All our modern cuts are sexy and will help you look your best. 

simplicity is key- dylan keeps it simple

We only make four cuts for a reason! Simplicity is key. According to our founder, NY stylist Crystal Truong, "When we have fewer options we can use our decisive energy for more important things." Dylan underwear only comes in black. It's sexy. It's classic. It's the best.  


Our high waisted thong is one of our favorite styles, simply because we've waited so long for a sexy high waisted panti to enter our lives. This style is perfect for bottoms that hug the butt a little more. With LOVE ON TOP you can avoid panty lines in the back, hip dips and front rolls (creases in the skin from low-rise undies) and also get extra support in the front.

Wear with:

  • High waisted shorts
  • High waisted jeans
  • High waisted skirts
  • High waisted ANYTHING


CRZY IN LOVE is our most lightweight panti. This thong was made to wear under tight clothing when you don't want another layer squeezing you! With its Brazilian cut and seamless design, you can count on this panti to make you feel sexy and confident.

Wear with:

  • Tight, low-rise jeans
  • Low-rise skirts
  • Tight dresses


The DRNK IN LOVE bikini is our MOST comfortable style. With a bit more coverage, it still keeps its sex appeal by being high-cut on the thigh. You can dance with them all night whether it be in the club, on the beach, or naked in your kitchen.

Wear with:

  • Flowy dresses 
  • Boyfriend cut jeans
  • Sans pants in your living room


This pouch smoothing-style boy short is designed for when you're looking for full coverage. If you're wearing a bodycon dress and not brave enough to risk an early 2000's Paris Hilton peek-a-boo faux pas, then this is your panti! The longer hem and higher rise will prevent rolls and keep things nice and smooth over the hips, butt, stomach, and thighs

Wear with:

  • Bodycon dresses
  • Pencil skirts
  • Evening Gowns

health is priority- dylan lets your vagina breathe

 If you have a vagina, you know that if they're not treated right, they will LET YOU KNOW! From yeast infections to Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) to bladder infections (UTIs), the ways in which she can be unhappy with you are...not pleasant. But completely normal. In fact:

  • 75% of women will have a yeast infection at least once (Healthy Women)
  • Around 21 million women under the age of 49 suffer from an outbreak of BV at least once per year (Health Research Fund)
  • an estimated 50% of women will have a UTI at some point in their lives (World Health Organization)

Not only are these conditions common, they are expensive. The World Health Organization reported that women are spending over $1 Billion on treatment for UTIs! Luckily, in most cases all three can be easily cured and prevented.

One of the easiest ways to keep your vagina healthy is to allow it to breathe. Each dylan underwear style is made with a 100% organic cotton gusset (the little piece of fabric lining closest to your vagina). Cotton is the most breathable fabric and will keep your vajay so happy and fresh! 

Another way to avoid infection is to prevent the growth of bacteria near the vagina. Bacteria can get trapped easily when we are sweating, especially when we're working out or on hot, humid days. That's why dylan underwear is made with a sweat-wicking poly-spandex blend that will keep you nice and dry all day


Now you know all the ways in which dylan is working for you! We'd love to see your dylan moments on instagram! Tag us @dylan_underwear


Written with love by Kristen Koester-Smith of, providing copywriting and storytelling for brands of integrity. 

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