a note from dylan creator crystal truong:

Welcome to!

I founded dylan underwear because I wanted to give you better choices, not more choices. As a stylist, I honor underwear and know that they are the base of every outfit. I believe simplicity is key. When we have fewer options, it allows us to use our decisive energies on other things that are more important. Underwear should be effortless and reliable. When you reach in your underwear drawer for a dylan panti, you can trust that they will be comfortable all day, keep you healthy down under, and stay hidden unless you want them to be seen. 

Creating this brand has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, especially because of the opportunities it's given me to work and collaborate with other women. It's incredibly important to me to support other women, especially women entrepreneurs. My graphic designer, photographer, web developer, and even my banker are all women. 

Working with women on creating a product that is so intimate for women has allowed me to share moments of vulnerability and connection. As someone who has personally suffered from bladder infections and yeast infections, I see the way society shames and denormalizes these conditions. By working with women, I've been able to start showing that these things are totally relatable and normal. 

Each dylan style has been carefully designed by me, with functionality and comfort in mind. I'd love to hear about your experience with dylan. Keep in touch on Instagram and twitter @dylanunderwear.